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10inch - Ricky Nelson - Sings Jerry Fuller

10inch - Ricky Nelson - Sings Jerry Fuller

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Jerry wrote and/or co-wrote 21 songs that Ricky recorded from 1961 to 1985, certainly the longest time of any composer from Ricky’s musical associations. Born in 1938, Jerry will turn 83 years old on November 19th, 2021 and is still active musically. He continues to compose and issue records that are enjoyed by his many fans.
Little doubt that Jerry’s biggest hit was “Travelin’ Man” that Ricky first recorded during the March, 1961 sessions at United Recording Association studio located on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA. It was Ricky’s second number 1 hit on the Billboard Charts, with the flip-side being “Hello Mary Lou” penned by the great Gene Pitney.
It’s an important statistic to note that Ricky carried 11 double-side hits into Billboard’s Top 40. Certainly was not easy to have material strong enough to carry 22 songs into these chart achievements which was extremely impressive musically, then and now. The only other single rock n’ roll performer to eclipse that level of success, was Elvis Presley. And they were good friends.
One of the reasons for Ricky’s longevity in music was made possible by his abilities to reinvent himself during phases of time through many genres of music. He was an artist, a song-writer, a poet, and a real inspiration creatively, to countless musicians that stood on his shoulders and benefitted from Ricky’s musical experiences.
Jerry’s contribution was certainly a factor in that success that Ricky accomplished. Only five tracks composed by Jerry that Ricky recorded were never officially released from his session catalog. This includes what is believed to be released as the follow-up song to “Travelin’ Man” – a song called “Window on the World” recorded during the November, 1961 sessions at Master Recorders on Fairfax Ave in Hollywood, CA. A beautiful and stunning song that would have stood the test of time.
The songs chosen for this LP vinyl record provide a great example of Jerry’s contribution to Ricky’s success. The bonus track (Desire, by The Trophies) has Ricky singing back-up which was well-mixed into the background harmony


Side A
1. Travelin' Man
2. That Warm Summer Night
3. History Of Love
4. Baby You Don't Know
5. It's Up To You
6. A Wonder Like You (mono)

Side B
7. Sweet Little Lovable You
8. Poor Loser
9. Congratulations
10. Break My Chain
11. Young world (mono)
12. Desire (version 2 mono)
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