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10inch - Hi-Fly Rangers - Go Feathers

10inch - Hi-Fly Rangers - Go Feathers

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Hi-Fly Rangers (featuring Vesa Haaja from The Barnshakers and Whistle Bait on vocals) did a tribute album to Charlie Feathers. Great package comes with a
bonus 7" EP by Charlie Feathers - unreleased versions. acetates from Tapio Väisänens collection

limited pressing 400 copies


Side A
1. Uh Huh Honey
2. She Knows How To Rock Me
3. A Man In Love
4. Cold Dark Night
5. Wild Wild Party
6. We're Getting Closer To Being Apart (feat Bubba Feathers on guitar)

Side B
7. Today And Tomorrow
8. Knoxville Girl
9. Love Never Treated Me Right
10. Cootzie Coo
11. You Believe Everyone But Me
12. Wildside Of Life (Charlie Feathers on vocal)

+ bonus 7" EP CHARLIE FEATHERS: Unreleased Demos:

Side A
1. Knoxville Girl
2. Roll Over Beethoven

Side B
3. Crazy Arms
4. Mama Oh Mama
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