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Single - Don Gibson - Tell It Like It Is

Single - Don Gibson - Tell It Like It Is

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Don Gibson arrived at Nashville's music premier league a little bit late. Born in Shelby, North Caroline in 1928, it wasn't until thirty years later, in 1958, that he achieved his well-deserved recognition as stylist and songwriter with his big hit Oh Lonesome Me.

The fact is that Don was an extremely complete musician, good singer and guitarist, but it would be in his role as a composer where he would stand but especially. being sometimes compared to Hank Williams himself.

In this EP four of his compositions are collected for the first time at 45 rpm. TELL IT LIKE IT IS and WHO CARES FOR ME are two great songs that remained unreleased until the early 80's.

Side B contains two alternate takes of Don’s well known late 50’s songs, SWEET SWEET GIRL, also covered by Warren Smith at Sun, and the fabulous DON´T TELL ME YOUR TROUBLES. Both different enough to the official takes to deserve this 45 rpm release.


Side A
1. Tell It Like It Is
2. Who Cares For Me

Side B
3. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (Alt. Take)
4. Sweet Sweet Girl (Alt. Take)
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