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CD - Gintown Boozers - Wolfman

CD - Gintown Boozers - Wolfman


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The Gintown Boozers from London featuring Surfin' Gorillas members Clive Osbourne and Tequila dave, plus the always very busy doublebass player Wayne Hopkins.
Their debut album 'Wolfman' captures their raw 'n' rockin' blend of Wild 50's Rock 'n' Roll 'n' Rockabilly and hard driving Blues Bop. A superb release from a fabulous 4-piece whose infectious rockin' sound is complimented by Saxophone courtesy of former Bluecat Clive Osbourne.

1. Flying Fish
2. Nadine
3. Wildcat Tamer
4. High Heel Sneekers
5. Every Woman I Know
6. Ace Of Spades
7. Pearly Lee
8. Nine Lives
9. Thirty Days
10. Wolfman
11. Stop Twistin' My Arm

Craig Burford
Self- taught guitarist, played in the Bolinksters, Kool & the Krazy, brief stints with Rudy la Crioux & the Allstars, Sheiks of Shake, The Gangsters and Memphis 56.
Clive Osbourne
What can be said that hasn't already been said about this man? He has been with the Blue Cats, Stargazers, Dynamite, Playboys, Surfin' Gorillas, Clive's Jive 5 and Planet Boppers as well as appearing alongside artists such as Wild Bob Burgos, Shotgun, Screaming Lord Sutch, Johnny Carroll, Don & Dewey, Sonny Burges and many more - a star of TV and radio in many countries.
Tequila Dave
Played in the Bolinksters, Kool & the Krazy and a few lesser known bands over the years - the word 'Mad' has been used a few times to describe him.
Wayne Hopkins
Another well Known face on stages all over the world - in such bands as the Houserockers, Jack and the Rippers, and is one of the members of the Hemsby house band.
The Gintown Boozers' Special thanks go to -
Ryan Savage - For those wild piano licks and for recording at 'Sweet Georgia Brown's Studios' at short notice.
Wayne Hopkins - For taking time out of his busy schedule to join us at the studio at short notice.
John Kirby and Ridgemount Records whose backing made this CD possible.
Ian Hibbert - from the World's End Pub, Bristol who first put us on.
The Flattop Bros , Russ from 'Weston' Big beat Kris, Little Carl, and all the DJ's for their help and support over the years.
'The Cruise Inn' Amsterdam for giving us our first break abroad and finally a big thank you to all the people over the years who put us up in their homes and supported us all over the country - you know who you are!
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