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CD - VA - Today's Top Girl Group's-Vol. 1

CD - VA - Today's Top Girl Group's-Vol. 1


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Today's top girl groups have come together from all over the map to bring you this very exciting compilation of hits. 

File under: Rock, Instrumental,Surf

1. The Pebbles 'Cavern Stomp' (Japan)
2. Sit n' Spin 'Dance With My Baby' (NJ, USA)
3. The Diaboliks 'I Can't Sleep At Night' (UK)
4. The Godzillas 'Pass The Hatchet' (France)
5. Poontwang 'Ice Princess' (San Fran, CA, USA)
6. The Bobbyteens 'Run Cold' (UK)
7. The Neanderdolls 'He Lied' (San Fran CA, USA)
8. The Meanie Geanies'Take Me Back' (Greece)
9. The Bobbyteens 'Baby Doll' (CA, USA)
10. The 5*6*7*8's 'Oh! Baby (we got a good thing going)' (Japan)
11. The Prissteens 'Wild Man' (NYC, USA)
12. The Neptunas 'Shapes Of Things To Come' (CA, USA)
13. The Girl Bombs 'Spellbound' (Toronto, Canada)
14. The Friggs 'Juiced Up' (NYC, USA)
15. The Maybellines 'No Jive' (San Fran, CA, USA)
16. The Pebbles 'We Love You Beatles' (Japan)
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