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CD - VA - I Hate Cherries

CD - VA - I Hate Cherries


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Serious 50's Female Jivers.


The Devil Hates You - Rebecca Lea
Somebody, Somewhere – Helen Foster
The Yodelin'Blues – Diana Cole With Ernest Hayes Orchestra
Let The Good Things Start – Pearl Woods
You Ain't Movin' Me – Linda Hayes With Earl Warren Orchestra
My Baby's Comin' Home – Ruth Mcfadden With Sammy Lowe's Orchestra
Hey Joe (Let Me Know) – Sugar & Spice
Shake Till I'm Shook – Beverly Wright & The Students
My Heart's Delight – Dakota Staton With Howard Biggs' Orchestra
Dilly Dally Darling – Anne Kaye With Jimmy Wright's Orchestra
A Million Thanks – Anita Tucker
Rock And Roll Blues – Linda Hopkins
Wanna Be Loved (All Nite Long) – Bee Bee Queen With Teacho's Orchestra
I Can't Wait – Pearl Woods
Willie – Rebecca Lea
You Ain't So Such A Much – Blanche Thomas
Don't Mean Maybe – Dakota Staton With Howard Biggs' Orchestra
Why Do You Hurt Me Darling – The Gay Charmers
When Are You Comin' Home – Chubby Newsom With David Clowney's Orch
My Loving Baby – Linda Hopkins
I Was A Fool For Leaving – Vikki Nelson
Doo-Ba-Dee – Dorothy Forbes With David Clowney's Orchestra
Teenage Holiday – Vicki Evans
Come Back Baby – Linda Hopkins
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