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The Busters, a living example of oldskool and vintage on the pulse of time, go one better with "Supersonic Scratch": after the latest release of their CD "Supersonic Eskalator" now some 10 additional tracks for a crackling vinyl party!

12" Vinyl-LP incl. integrated CD!

Side A 

1. Good Things 
2. No More Messing Around 
3. Hangin' Out With The Boys (taken from CD 'Supersonic Eskalator') 
4. Task Force 
5. Evil Dub 

Side B 

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi 
2. Caracas Rumba 
3. No Control 
4. Summernight (taken from CD 'Supersonic Eskalator') 
5. Hotter Night (Dub) 

10 Tracks (no CD-release)
6 new songs, 2 dub versions and 2 songs of the new CD 'Supersonic Eskalator' 
Running Time: 36:49 Min.
Release: 12-19-2014

Produced by The Busters. Recorded by Stephan Keller and Rob Solomon. Recording studio: Trick Studio Rauenberg. Brass recording: Solomon Studio. Mixed by Stephan Keller. Mastered by Immanuel Sickmüller. Project management by Markus Schramhauser. Cover illustration & sleeve design by Rolf Rinklin. 

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